Powered exoskeletons promise to help people who've lost their mobility walk again.

Exoskeleton Systems Will Change the Workplace Forever

Versatile, low-cost bionics can reduce muscle strain and prevent injuries across multiple industries.

A Modular Exoskeleton Will Make More Workers Bionic

Even human workers are becoming more robotic, thanks to cheaper, lighter exoskeletons.

As robotic technology gets cheaper and more capable, even human workers are starting to seem a bit robotic.

SuitX MAX Lets You Work Longer and Harder

Sorry everyone. Not all new tech is about working smarter not harder. SuitX’s new modular exoskeleton is all about having you work longer without the risks posed by overexertion.

suitX MAX Exoskeleton Designed to Reduce Workplace Injuries

suitX's Modular Agile eXoskeleton (MAX) is made up of three exoskeletons called backX, shoulderX, and legX that can be worn independently or in any combination depending on the need.

The SuitX MAX Exoskeleton Grants Workers Enhanced Strength

Ever wanted strap yourself into a robot exoskeleton and gain extraordinary powers? The SuitX MAX, a three-part exoskeleton launched Wednesday, promises to do just that.

Modular Exoskeleton Reduces Risk of Work-Related Injury

Robotics startup suitX is turning human laborers into bionic workers with a new modular, full-body exoskeleton that will help reduce the number of on-the-job injuries.

Tough Job? This Startup Is Building Exoskeletons For The Workplace

Ergonomic design for office workers has been around for decades. These exoskeletal devices aim to bring the idea to industrial workers.