Robot exoskeletons are finally here...

After years of tinkering and military adventures, the first exoskeleton suits are finally walking out of the lab and into the market.

NBC News: Robotic Exoskeletons Are Changing Lives in Surprising Ways

"The timber cutters and construction workers I worked with just loved the MAX suit," says a workplace injury-prevention specialist who recently field-tested the device. "Right away you could see they all felt like superheroes."

"The workers liked it even more on the job site. "

Robots and AI are coming for our jobs. Can augmentation save us from automation?

Augment our bodies.

As robust as we are in mind, humans are desperately delicate in body. We’re fleshy, fragile things, prone to break and tear under pressure. Robots, on the other hand, are rugged, and capable of tackling strenuous tasks with relative ease.

Edison Awards Announces Product Finalists that Will Change the World

In honor of Thomas Edison’s 170th birthday, the Edison Awards Steering Committee is honored to announce the 2017 Edison Awards Finalists—the products, services and solutions that represent the best in innovation. 


“The sheer pace of innovation is accelerating in virtually every industry as new technology allows corporations and other organizations to rethink how they approach and solve real problems that affect the way we work, love and play,” said Maria Jimenez, chief operating officer of the Business Int

SuitX Selected as Winner and Chairman’s Choice in Annual BIG Innovation Awards

SuitX, a California-based robotics company designing and manufacturing medical and industrial exoskeletons, announced today...


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Uncanny Exosuit: The Industrial Exoskeleton Made for Real Work, Not Movies

Industrial exoskeletons fortify frail flesh and bone with steel frames and actuators, augmenting humans to the point where the advantages of a robotic workforce aren’t so clear. And now there’s one that’s as affordable as it is easy to move in.

Put your back into it…exo-skeletons become a reality

Move over Ripley, exo-skeleton technology has developed from alien-slaying to everyday use on the workshop floor. 

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