New lower-cost, powerful exoskeleton first step to bionic future

A new exoskeleton – a robotic suit worn by a person to greatly increase their abilities – that aims to turn manufacturing and medical workers into bionic robots has been unveiled.

suitX Launches Most Advanced, Lowest Cost and Lightweight Medical Exoskeletons

BERKELEY, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 1, 2016) -suitX, a California-based robotics company designing and manufacturing medical and industrial exoskeletons, announces the official launch of Phoenix, one of the world's lightest and most advanced medical exoskeletons for people with mobility disorders.

This Light, Affordable Exoskeleton Could Be a Real Alternative to the Wheelchair

Not all exoskeletons need to give you superhuman strength. The exoskeleton startup company SuitX has developed an exoskeleton known as the Phoenix robotic system that was designed specifically to help people with paraplegia or other spinal cord injuries walk.

suitX featured on CNET's Tomorrow Daily!

CNET's "Tomorrow Daily" hosts @AshleyEsqueda @jeffcannata kicked off the February 2nd show by highlighting Phoenix and suitX's submission to the

These bionic legs are so light, paraplegics can wear them under clothing

It takes just 26 pounds of hardware to get Steven Sanchez walking again. He lost the use of his legs more than a decade ago in a BMX biking accident. Now Sanchez serves as test pilot for an innovative, lightweight exoskeleton from SuitX called Phoenix.